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  • Hi -

    I'm trying to get a USB/Capture device working.

    The USB/Capture device's .inf file is looking for these drivers:

    Include       = ks.inf, kscaptur.inf, ksfilter.inf, bda.inf
    Needs         = KS.Registration, KSCAPTUR.Registration.NT, BDA.Installation.NT
    DelReg          = OEM.DelReg, UTL.DelReg
    AddReg        = CAP.AddReg, OEM.AddReg, OEM.Defaults.AddReg, UTL.AddReg
    CopyFiles     = CAP.CopySYS, CAP.CopyDLL, UTL.CopyList

    I imagine most or all of these standard Windows components are still available in WES7, and I'm pretty sure the driver will magically start working once I install them.

    Q: How can I cross-reference what "feature" or "driver" under DS corresponds to the "ks.inf/KS.Registration" (for example) that I'm missing in my current WES7 image?

    Is there some list

    Thank you very much in advance!


    Friday, April 2, 2010 8:23 PM

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  • You can use the search capability in ICE and search on the files ks.inf, kscaptur.inf, ksfilter.inf, bda.inf. The results would be:

    Microsoft Streaming Driver (KS)
    Microsoft Streaming Filter (KSfilter.inf)
    Microsoft WDM Image Capture (kscapture.inf)
    BDA Tuner/Receiver/Render Driver/Files



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    Saturday, April 3, 2010 5:22 AM
  • Hi -

    Thank you very much Sean - that does help.  But the driver still won't install:

    What I did was:

      1. Tried installing the basic driver (vendor-supplied "setup"), rebooted and plugged in the USB device, let it auto-detect and complete the driver install.

      2. There were no warnings or errors of any kind, either from "setup" or in the Windows event log, prior to plugging in the device.
          After plugging in the device, Windows Event Viewer gave the unhelpful message:

    Driver might be corrupt or missing (Code 39)":
    Reasons for this error include a driver that is not present; a binary file
    that is corrupted; a file I/O problem, or a driver that references an entry
    point in another binary file that could not be loaded.

     3. I looked at the .inf file for the driver in question (EMBDA.INF), looked at all the "include" entries, and came up with {ks.inf, ksfilter.inf, kscaptur.inf, bda.inf}

         That's when I posted my original question.

      4. I then looked at the WES Toolkit documentation, did a search on "ks.inf", and it pointed me to "winemb-inf-ks".
          Searching under DS\ on my Toolkit DVD pointed me to file "ds\packages\driver\x86~winemb-inf-ks~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"
          Same for the other missing "includes"

          So I wrote a DISM .bat file to install from DVD:
    DISM /Online /add-package /packagepath:"\\\f\ds\packages\featurepack\x86~winemb-av-core~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"
    DISM /Online /add-package /packagepath:"\\\f\ds\packages\driver\x86~winemb-inf-ks~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"
    DISM /Online /add-package /packagepath:"\\\f\ds\packages\driver\x86~winemb-inf-bda~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"
    DISM /Online /add-package /packagepath:"\\\f\ds\packages\driver\x86~winemb-inf-ksfilter~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"
    DISM /Online /add-package /packagepath:"\\\f\ds\packages\driver\x86~winemb-inf-kscaptur~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0"

      5. I added the WES drivers/features with the above script.
          I completely de-installed the vendor stuff.
          I re-installed the vendor stuff (with the vendor "setup").  No errors/warnings anywhere.
          I rebooted and plugged in the device.  Same problem. :-(

    Q: I'm absolutely certain the problem is "missing dependency".
         How can I debug exactly what the driver manager is looking for?
         Is there any driver-level log file, or driver install "trace/debug" tool available anywhere?

    Thank you in advance .. PSM

    Saturday, April 3, 2010 6:05 PM
  • I assume that you have Windows Installer Serve in the answer file.

    What about Still Image Acquistion Driver, USB Video, and Microsoft DV Camera and VCR? Are any of these in the answer file?

    If the installer is an MSI installer, you could try to run the static dependency tool in ICE. Tools->Analyze Static Dependencies...




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    Sunday, April 4, 2010 2:37 AM
  • There are 4 files missing in the \DS\Packages\Driver\x86~winemb-inf-bda~~~~6.1.7600.16385~1.0\WinEmb-INF-bda.cab

    The bda.inf:


    bdasup.sys = 3426

    msdvbnp.ax = 3426

    psisrndr.ax = 3426

    psisdecd.dll = 3426

    bdaplgin.ax = 3426


    Only the bdasup.sys is in the WinEmb-INF-bda.cab.

    THe msdvbnp.ax, psisrndr.ax, psisdecd.dll and bdaplgin.ax are missing.



    Friday, October 7, 2011 11:26 AM