What will be faster, Backup using UNC vs Copying Backup with Robocopy? RRS feed

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  • So i have a scenario where we need to migrate quite a lot of SQL Servers to new hardware in a new data center. There are 2 data centers, 1 is the one having the current servers and the new one with the new servers.

    We are trying to determine the best way to do copy the backups and objects over to the new server and restore and we came across this very useful powershell script for migration.


    The question that i have however, is that if we backup all databases then copy let's say around 500GB of backup files using robocopy to the new server and then perform a restore of all these databases, will that be faster? Or if we backup the databases one by one using the above script to the remote server using the UNC path and then restore will be faster?

    I am not sure but somehow i have a perception that robocopy fully utilizes the bandwidth of the network channel rather than relying on SQL Server to outperform with the backup using the UNC path.

    Please mark the answer as helpful if i have answered your query. Thanks and Regards, Kartar Rana

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 7:19 PM


  • I would recommend to split the backup into multiple files and use Robocopy to copy the database files will be much faster.



    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 8:21 PM