Adding data to a database RRS feed

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    Hi All, I have a page already which is taking details coming from a http post and is displaying them in textboxes on the form. What i would like is instead of saving them to a text box i would like them to be saved straight into my access database. Can anyone help here? Here is a part of the code as it is now (ie saving to a textbox): 

    ''' <summary>

    ''' Updates a textbox from storage data.

    ''' </summary>

    ''' <param name="textboxToUpdate">The textbox to populate</param>

    ''' <param name="apiString">The string identifying the stored data</param>

    private sub UpdateControlFromStorageData(textboxToUpdate as TextBox, apiString as String)

    If Application(apiString) IsNot Nothing Then

    textboxToUpdate.Text = Application(apiString).ToString()


    textboxToUpdate.Text = String.Empty

    End If

    End Sub


    I Would like to be able to save the details into an access database if possible. Thanks alot,




    Sunday, March 1, 2009 1:26 PM