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  • The marketing literature has convinced us that WES7 is the way to go and I've been given the task of creating our WES7 install image and I really don't know where to begin.  I've tried searching MSDN for documentation and I apparently don't speak the appropriate language to comprehend much of what I've found (and I certainly don't speak Microsoft's flavor of acronym soup, either.)  I need to create an image that will run on several different hardware platforms, allow for future hardware changes (like different drives, displays, NICs, even motherboards) and support basic Windows features.  I don't need it to run many services, in fact I really need access to the user interface, disk drives and network (TCP/IP only) and not much else.  (Under previous versions of Windows we just turned all the stuff we didn't need off, but I think I can actually not have it installed with WES7.)

    The best possible documentation, for me, would be a walk-through of how to create and deploy an image similar to what I need, which I could tweak later as I learn to understand what I'm doing.

    Is there such a thing and could someone point me to it?  If not, could someone point me to the best starting point for someone who needs to create and deploy a WES7 image, but has ZERO experience with any Embedded systems from Microsoft.  (Embedded linux and DOS, sure, but not Windows.)

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:32 PM

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