WMI - Windows Management Instrumentation Root RRS feed

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  • Daniel S. Abrahamian. WMI / Windows Management Instrumentation is an extensible set of components which serve to increase the overall functionality and security of Windows operating systems. The utilization of snap-ins into the central management console provides administrators with increased options for both local and remote policy implementation.

    Below is a depiction of the root console / control properties:


    +I) Root

      I) aspnet

    +I) CIMV2

    - ms_409



    - ms_409


    > power

    - ms_409

    > Security

    > Microsoft Tpm

    > Microsoft Volume Encryption

    +I) Cli

    - ms_409


    - ms_409

    +I) directory

    > LDAP

    - ms_409

      I) Faronics

    +I) Interop

    - ms_409

    +I) Microsoft

    > HomeNet


      I) nap

     +I) RSOP

    > Computer

    - ms_409

    > User

    - ms_409

    > S_1_5_21_2426286085_332982260_2691753013_1000

    > S_1_5_21_388845444_1056242735_2889339943_500

    > S_1_5_21_3952311282_3270686217_2811382985_500


      I) SecurityCenter

      I) SecurityCenter2

      I) ServiceModel

     +I) subscription

     - ms_409

     +I) WMI

    - ms_409


    Sunday, July 10, 2011 7:02 PM