SQL Server Compact - Connection without a local directory.


  • Is there a way to imbed a newly created SQL Server Compact instance into the program, so the program can dynmically access it like you would with text files of other program resources.  I have been able to create a SQL Server compact database with using Visual Studios, but I have to store it in a local location, so the program wants to point to the C:\Temp\... or where ever I store the location.  How ever, I would like it to be store relative to the program, so if the program moves, the database will also be moved, and the hard coding in the program will not have to be re-coded to point to a different directory.

    My main concern is that I would like to have a dynamic directly that the program points to so I don't have to change it each time the program is moved.  Does anyone have any ideas?

    Is is possible to put the SQL Server Compact instance of the Database inside the program folder, and point to it using something like ("  ./Database/CompactDB.db  ") and have the connection string find it this way?


    Tuesday, July 09, 2013 9:21 PM


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