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  • How do I create a new C++ or MFC project?

    I can create HelloWorld in C# by clicking "File..New..Project.." and choosing the type of project as C#--same as in earlier versions of VS.

    I try to create a C++ project or MFC project using aa similar procedure with VS 2010 Beta 1, selecting "Win32 Console Application" or "MFC Application," and the usual dialog box appears showing the settings. When I click "Finish," the create project dialog box unexpectedly reappears--but no generated files. It creates the project folder containing a .vcxproj file but nothing else. I can't open the project because there's no solution file (.sln).

    Is there some new special procedure to create C++ or MFC projects with VS 2010?

    I've just installed VS 2010 Beta 1 on a new Vista 64 machine (virgin installation), so this can't be side-effects from earlier versions of VS.
    Friday, July 3, 2009 8:49 PM