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  • Hello, I have been given a final year mini project to build a quiz that can ask 20 random questions. and at the end of the quiz it then displays the result.<br> I have tried to research so far and I found  help at, this helped so much but I am now stuck in how to evaluate the answers at the end of the score, I am using a text file called "Question.txt". 

    <strong>please help </strong>. Here is the code


    Am I correct in my understanding of this.

    You are a student who has been asked to build a small simple project as part of your course work.

    You have taken someone else's code and are trying to use it as your own.

    You don't understand the code you have copied and are asking us here to fix it for you.

    You will then end up with a working project composed of code from mulriple sources, none of which is yours - and will submit it as your own so you can gain some sort of credential saying you are a wonderful programmer.


    If any of the above is incorrect, then point out the errors for me, or, explain the coincidence of the cosde you posted matching THIS

    Regards Les, Livingston, Scotland

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