Intellisense is broken in Visual Studio Express 2015 (C#)


  • Normally I should be able to open it with ctrl+space but that no longer works. Also when placing the cursor on a half finished member (e.g. "string.Emp") ctrl + space does no longer complete the word.

    In the options "Statement Completion" >"Auto list members" and "Parameter  information" as well as "Completion Lists" > "Show completion list after a character is typed"are all checked and I even unchecked them, saved options and then checked them again but it made no difference.

    I have installed Visual Studio Express 2015 recently and added no extensions.

    Is there a way to fix Intellisense?

    Thursday, November 10, 2016 10:25 AM

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  • Hi lshiirou,

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    What’s your VS express 2015 version? I tried to install the VS express 2015 for windows 10 and create a new C# project and type the example characters “string.emp” and click Ctrl+Space, it auto complete word with string.Empty.

    Please have a look at the following steps to troubleshot this issue:

    1. Type the example characters “string.emp” and press Tab or Space key, if both can complete word, it looks like the keyword Ctrl+Space not work, please go to Tools-Environment-Keyword and check the keyword of Edit.CompleteWord is defined as Ctrl+Space. If press Tab key can complet word, but press Space key cannot, please check if the intellisense is under Suggestion mode like the following screenshot. In Suggestion mode, Complete Word will insert the selected keyword only when the Tab key is pressed, so you cannot use Ctrl+Space to complete word. For this information, please check Complete Word.

    1. If the above 3 keywords cannot complete word, go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->All Languages->General, uncheck "Auto list members" and "Parameter information" save it. Then reopen Tools->Options->Text Editor->All Languages->General, check these 2 options again and save. Reopen VS and check this issue again.
    2. If they all already checked, please perform the following commands to excludes the VS itself issues:
      • Tools-Import and Export Settings… and select ‘Reset all settings’, then save your current settings, then click ‘Finish’ button to reset the customized setting to the default, it can help us to excludes the customized setting caused this issue.
      • Open the VS express 2015 installation location, usually locates C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE and run the following commands, then reopen VS and check this issue 

               VSWinExpress /resetuserdata: clear the old user data

               VSWinExpress /safemode: run the VS as safe, if it works fine that means the installed extensions may be corrupted the VS, please go to Tool—Extensions and Updates… and remove all installed extensions one by one to find the culprit.

    Best regards,


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    Friday, November 11, 2016 5:45 AM