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  • The Small Basic Forum is moving! Our transition period is from 10/5 to 11/2. See the timeline below. 

    As MSDN/TechNet gets shut down, we're moving our forum over to the new Microsoft Docs Q&A platform: 

    Once this forum is migrated, it will become archived here. You can still access/read the previous information, but you can't post or engage in any way (no voting, proposing, etc.). It will be read-only.

    Here is the transition timeline:

    1. 10/5/2020 - The new Small Basic Forum will be open. We'll put the link(s) up here.
    2. 10/19/2020 - Two weeks later, we'll stop allowing questions in this forum.
    3. 11/2/2020 - Two weeks later, we will lock down this forum completely, and it will be in read-only, archive mode, with a banner at the top and this announcement thread to send people to the new forum. 

    We'll update this thread soon with links to our tags on the new forum, as well as any more information about how the new forum works!


    If you were a Moderator or Answerer on this forum (and I haven't already engaged with you on our Community Council Yammer group), then please reply here with your Q&A User Name, so that we can add you as a Moderator on the new Small Basic Q&A forum!

    Ed Price, Azure Development Customer Program Manager (Blog, Small Basic, Wiki Ninjas, Wiki)

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    Thursday, September 24, 2020 5:19 PM

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