What's the vc110 toolset provided by "Tools for Maintaining Store apps for Windows 8" in VS2013 for? RRS feed

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  • When installing Visual Studio 2013 there's an optional feature to install "Tools for Maintaining Store apps for Windows 8". In its description it is detailed that it will install the Windows SDK for Windows 8 and the Visual Studio 2012 C++ toolset (vc110).

    After selecting it and installing it I see there's an entry in the start menu where you can enter a development command prompt where the compiler is the one from Visual Studio 2012, you can build applications using that toolset from there although not all applications that could be built from a development prompt of VS2012. For example, I'm able to build Boost libraries using the development prompt of VS2012 but not the one that appears when selecting that option in VS2013 installation (separate test environments with just one Visual Studio installed).

    Also, besides stating that the vc110 toolset is installed when that option is selected there's not way to select it from within Visual Studio IDE, only vc120 toolset is available. Manually selecting it editing the project file and running a build (trivial hello world stuff) results in the warning saying you need VS2012 installed to be able to use the vc110 toolset.

    So my question is, what's the purpose of the VS2012 C++ toolset provided by VS2013? Is it broken or incomplete? It can only be used from a command line or is the inability to select it in the IDE a bug?

    Saturday, November 16, 2013 11:56 PM


  • Hi,

    You can optionally install the VS 2012 toolset and Windows 8.0 SDK as part of your VS 2013 setup (called "Tools for Maintaining Store apps for Windows 8" in the optional features list) to maintain Windows Store apps for Windows 8.0. Non-express versions of Visual Studio 2013 can update Windows 8 apps, but cannot create new ones.

    You can use Visual Studio 2012 C++ toolset (vc110) for Windows 8.0 Windows Store apps only when you work with Visual Studio 2013 Express and install "Tools for Maintaining Store apps for Windows 8”. Otherwise you must install Visual Studio 2012 on the same machine.


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