Change tracking over wcf with poco proxys RRS feed

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  • Hi there, :)

    at first sorry for my (hopely not too) bad english and greetings from germany.

    I have the following screnario:
    I am working with poco proxys and send the objects over wcf to a client.
    The client change some thinks and send it back.

    The first i try to update where:

    dataServerDBContext.ApplyCurrentValues("Project", project);
    // apply changes

    But whats happen is that the propertys of the poco object where saved but not the relationshipps this other object
    (for example: "Project" has 1:n "Contacts")

    The second i try was:

    // Get ObjectStateEntry from EntityKey.
    ObjectStateEntry stateEntry = dataServerDBContext.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(project);

    but i can see tha the back comming object is not a proxy anymore.

    can you please help me to make a complet change tracking on the update back sended poco object??

    thanks for you answeres and best regards

    Steffen Mangold

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010 9:24 AM


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