custom code to redirect msg to new alias built out of variable from Subject line of original email RRS feed

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  • Happy new year.

    We have a special email routing circumstance here that we would like to resolve related to our ticketing system. We hope that Exchange Server is a place where we can resolve this. 

    There are 2 mail flows.

    1. Incoming msg sent to has no string in the subject line that we care about, we just forward it on through. Easy.

    2. Incoming msg has a string in the Subject line that we care about, so we process it. It has "TICKET12345" (it will always be in the syntax of "TICKET#####" where "#" is integer) in subject line. We will parse the Subject to acquire the "integer" because we will need to build a new email alias out of it. It will be in the format of <> Then send it on. Done.

    I know, I know, I know, it is annoying when guys have no idea & post here, but even though I know the RFC's backward & forward, I have never really dug deep in to programming custom solution inside of Exchange. Can someone point me at a primer or a close cousin to this or something along those lines, and then I can get a colleague of mine to help me adapt it to our circumstance. 

    Very appreciative. 

    Thank you.


    Saturday, January 5, 2013 6:37 AM