How to alter the display names of grouped items in a document library? RRS feed

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  • Very odd issue I want to sort items in a document library by the value in a field, that is no problem. The issue is I want them display NOT in alphabetical order for example I have a list that is grouped into 3 groups (Cases, Forms and Support). When you look at the page they are grouped in alphabetical order from top to bottom, I want them to show up as (Cases, Support and Forms). I tried creating column with with a value 1,2 or 3 with the "3" value attached to "Forms" items and the "2" to the "Support" item them sort per Grouped value and that works BUT the grouped names appears as "1" "2" or "3". I need them to show as (Cases, Support Forms). 

    I was wondering if there is syntax to alter the display name while editing within Designer similar to the syntax used to change the display name of a long hyperlink when quoting it in an email or forum submission?? 

    I want:

    <FieldRef Name= "Grouping"/> to diplay the three groups by names other than the values in that column, the display names.

    Monday, July 7, 2014 8:54 PM