Dlna MediaServer 's subfolders traverse problem in metro


  • Hi All,

    Recently we write a function to parse all  the folders  in MediaServer which contains files recursively. However,  when the traverse function go level by level in about 7 levels deep folder (ex folder A (level 1)-> Sub Folder B (level 2) -> Sub Folder C (level 3)..... ), we always catch an  "Unspecificed Error" exception. That means if the folder resides in deep position, if we try to use "GetFilesAsync" API , the API always throws an exception.

    Any ideas?

    		auto queryFolder2 = folder->CreateFileQueryWithOptions(queryOptions);
    		fileNum = create_task( queryFolder2->GetFilesAsync(0, 1) ).then([folder](IVectorView<StorageFile^>^ files) -> int
    			return (files->Size);
    	catch(Platform::Exception^ e)
    		String^ msg = "DlnaController : [Exception] TraverseFolderContainFiles:"  + e->Message + "\n";

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012 7:13 AM