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  • Are you a guy who is obsessed with the Computer Vision than your own vision? Then
    K!13 has a treat for you. This edition of Kurukshetra features a grid solving cum image
    processing event. Minesweeper game has been favorites for several years now. Most of
    its popularity comes from its simplicity. The game has been developed in every platform
    today. Let us hark back to the rules of minesweeper. What we have is a minefield, with
    some treasure in it and your mission is to figure out the shortest route to the valuables
    without being exploded. Teach your bots to learn their environment, feed in some
    intelligence, turn it on, sit back and watch it win big cash for you!

    Are you ready!!!

    Log on to :!/events/minesweeper for more details
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 10:12 AM