WME 9 SDK Preview Problem. RRS feed

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    I am working on a project Using WME 9 SDK in which Video Clips are creating every 30 min. the source is TVTuner Cable.

    using following technique for breaking the clips in 30 min.(using timer)

    Step 1. stop encoding
    Step 2. redefine file name
    Step 3. start encoding

    Every thing working perfectly, except one thing that is

    when timer completed its 30 min. and redefine the file name and start encoding, the preview is stoped but encoding is still working in background and making clips perfectly with no problem.

    its no fixed time that when it happen. may it happen after 5 clips or after 100 clips.

    i tested it on different Computer with different configuration

    using P4 2.4 GHz,256 MB ram, geforce 128 mb card/builtin Card also tested,
    using P3 866 Mhz,256 MB ram, geforce 128 mb card/builtin Card also tested,

    I also disble the monitor stand by feature.

    Any idea why it happen.

    is their any other alternat solution or any function which can help me to make 30 min clips.

    oh yes !
    i am using VB 6 :)

    Monday, June 19, 2006 3:26 PM