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  • 1st post, VB scripting lvl intermediate, please be patient.

    OS: WinX Enterprise, 10.0.16299

    Application: Developing an Access DB, Access 2016 (Full Office 2016 Pro installed)

    Problem: I need to access file properties for Excel and Word files (and PDFs but that part I have programmed and tested)

    I have downloaded and installed (registered) the latest version of DSOFile.dll and ticked it for early binding in [References].

    Routine looks like this:

    Function GetExcelProperties(getfrom As String) As String
    'Read in xlsx properties
        Dim DSO As DSOFile.OleDocumentProperties
        GetExcelProperties = ""
        Set DSO = New DSOFile.OleDocumentProperties
        DSO.Open getfrom


    Using the "DSOFile" is well recognised by the editor and I assume this means the dll has been properly registered.

    Whenever my routine reaches the "Set DSO =..." I get "runtime error 429 ActiveX component can't create object".

    I have tried: Set = CreateObject("DSOFile.OleDocumentProperties") with the same result.

    Why does this happen, any suggestions are welcome. I have run out of ideas.

    My own suggestion is that the dll is not compatible with Win10/Office2016 Ole operations but I am not sure.

    NB. I need the files I access to be closed hence the use of the DSOFile.dll

    Best regards

    Friday, March 9, 2018 7:24 AM

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