Changing outlook appointment defaults from multiple 30mins to multiples of 25mins - allowing a break between meetings RRS feed

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    I'm trying to change the default meeting duration from multiples of 30mins to 25mins - thus ensuring some "break" time that people have a chance of getting to their next meeting on-time allowing things to start immediately, reducing the need for the 2-3 mins waiting for others to join.

    I can't believe that I'm the only person that the 30 minute default "hurts", I have found the way of changing the default to 5,6,10,15 etc, but that's not acceptable. I have also implemented the VB script I found at

    which solves "my" meetings, but not the enterprise as a whole.

    Can these be set in the server any way at all to fix the entire company?

    Thanks for any help/advice.


    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 2:54 PM