Can StreamInsight handle structured events/messages RRS feed

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  • Firstly, thanks to the team at MS for what looks like a great product. I handn't heard too much about it up until the SQL R2 CTP, but certainly looks like a lot of power/potential in the CTP2 I am just starting to use.

    A common use of event processing is for insert/update/delete messages to update entire grids of data (say 1 demension for starters). Is it fesable in the StreamInsight CEP framework to translate these messages in a way that the resultant grid itself could form part of a continuous query? This is the scenario we often face in certain domains, particularly: order books in financial markets.

    My first pass of the SDK indicates that event types need to be very simple: nothing but intrinsic types, leading me to wonder how limited the continuous query engine is in this regard. All the examples in the SDK have LINQ queries over these simplistic event types, what I'd like to do ideally is:

    - Use a simplisic .NET event type to embed the event details with the insert/update/delete action
    - Apply this message to an array of objects, by applying the action
    - Have this moving array be subject to SI LINQ queries

    Any pointers on whether this is a feasible use case of the technology?

    Regards, Fil.
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