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  • I still learning Linq and Entity Framework.

    I have a comboxbox depending on another. I manged to get the 2nd dependent combobox working but is there a better way?

    here is ny code

    myApp.Entities1 contextEF = new myApp.Entities1(
    AcctGrpCbx.DataSource = contextEF .AcctGroup;
    AcctGrpCbx.DisplayMember = "acct_grp";
    AcctGrpCbx.ValueMember = "Acct_grp_ID";
    int acctGrpID = int.Parse(AcctGrpCbx.SelectedValue.ToString());
    var masterClientID = from a in contextEF .AcctGroup
     where a.Acct_grp_ID.CompareTo(acctGrpID) == 0
     select a.Master_Client_ID;
    // so far so good	
    int mc = 0;
    foreach int acctGrpID = int.Parse(AcctGrpCbx.SelectedValue.ToString());
       var aGrp = from a in ieFinExecContext.AcctGroup
          where a.Acct_grp_ID==acctGrpID
          select a;
       int mcID = 0;
       var aMClientIDs = from a in ieFinExecContext.AcctGroup
            where a.Acct_grp_ID==acctGrpID
            select a.Master_Client_ID;
       foreach (int i in aMClientIDs) { mcID = i; break;} // take the first one(actully first and only one)
       var clients = from c in ieFinExecContext.CLIENT
           where c.Master_Client_ID == mcID
           select c;
       clientCbx.DisplayMember = "Client_alias";
       clientCbx.ValueMember = "Client_ID";
       clientCbx.DataSource = clients;

    Although I do have Using System.Linq, I just don't seem to be able to use FirstOrDefault.  COnsequently I use the foreach Kliuge above.

    Also, is it true that I can only use simple Linq not nested query? 

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  •  int aMClientIDs = (from a in ieFinExecContext.AcctGroup
            where a.Acct_grp_ID==acctGrpID
            select a.Master_Client_ID).Single();

    Please refer to the code above, you needn't to use foreach, you only queried out an ID which is int type.

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