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    We would like to extend you an invitation to a live online event scheduled for August 25<sup>th</sup>.  During this event we will show the capabilities of the Sharks Cove development board, demonstrate how it is leveraged for driver development, and listen to testimonials from Partners who have already successfully adopted this platform after switching from Linux-based development. In addition, we will also be making a special announcement of another development board for Windows.

    Event Information
    Date: August 25<sup>th</sup> 2014
    Time: 2 live-broadcasts; 10am PST, 5pm PST
    Online Venue:

    Sharks Cove is currently available for order globally at

    Visit the links below for additional information on this development board and our hardware development program.

    Microsoft Hardware Development Boards
    Checkout our landing page with updated content. From here you can navigate to the Intel Sharks Cove step-by-step getting started guide to help you get the board setup for driver development. Additional information such as using WinDbg with the board and sample driver code is also available on this page. We encourage you to browse through the latest content.

    MSDN Development Board Community Forum
    MSDN forums are a great way for you to send us comments and feedback. Microsoft will use these forums to post new updates for Sharks Cove and respond to questions. We encourage you to get involved with your peers in the community and stay in touch with us via these forums. The two most commonly used forums for driver developers are: Hardware Development Boards for Windows and Windows Hardware WDK and Driver Development.

    Check out our latest blog post about Sharks Cove:

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