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  • Hi all,

      Yesterday i was going through the msdn library document at this link

    The document says, if suppose, CPU reset vector address is 0x9fc0 0000 and if the image address is 0x9f80 0000. Then the following needs to be defined in the config.bib

    RESETVECTOR=0x9F80 0000

    But the text says, RESETVECTOR is used to tell the romimage.exe, what is the reset vector address of the cpu... so in this case is it not suppose to

    RESETVECTOR=0x9fc0 0000  ???


    Got bit confused....



    Saturday, September 11, 2010 2:42 PM

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  • I believe this option only really applies to MIPS; I've never used it on ARM.  But I think you are correct - the RESETVECTOR statement should contain the location where ROM image should put the jump page and that should be the same place as the CPU reset vector (0x9fc00000 for MIPS).  Since the image start location is defined to be 0x9f800000, the image would overwrite the memory at 0x9fc00000, so the RESERVE keyword is also necessary to protect that page.
    Dean Ramsier eMVP BSQUARE Corporation
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