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  • Does anyone know what to use to get spreadsheet grid like this:

    Thursday, August 25, 2016 1:00 PM

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  • That looks like a database view rather than a spreadsheet.

    This code shows how to use a tab delimited as a source to a data control.

    BODY  {font-size :100%;font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color: black;
      background:URL(images/watermark.gif);background-color: white;
      margin-top:0; margin-left:0pt; margin-right:0pt ; text-align:Justify}
    P  {margin-left:40pt;margin-right:10pt}
    TABLE  {font-size: 90%; text-align:left; margin-left:40pt;margin-right:10pt;background-color:lavender;width:90%}
    THEAD  {color: white;font-weight:bold;background-color:darkblue; margin-left:40pt;margin-right:10pt}
    TD  {Vertical-Align:Top;padding:3px}
    <OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:333C7BC4-460F-11D0-BC04-0080C7055A83"
        ID=dsoMacro5 WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0>
        <PARAM NAME="DataURL" VALUE="music.txt">
        <PARAM NAME="UseHeader" Value="True">
        <PARAM NAME="FieldDelim" VALUE="&#09;">
        <PARAM NAME="Sort"  Value="Title">
    <h3>My Music Database</h3>
    <h4>Select a button to filter list</h4>
    <p>To search for a word in the Title field use <i>* word *</i>. To search for the first word in a field use <i>Word *</i> or the last word use <i>* word</i>. To search for a string within a word or word use <i>*partialword*</i>. Searches are case sensitive.</i></p>
    <p><INPUT Name=tb1 TYPE=Text Value=""> <INPUT ID=cmdNavFirst TYPE=BUTTON VALUE="     Search     " onclick="dsoMacro5.object.filter='Title=' + tb1.value;dsoMacro5.reset()"></p>
    <p><INPUT ID=cmdNavFirst TYPE=BUTTON VALUE="   Sort Book   " onclick="dsoMacro5.object.sort='Book';dsoMacro5.reset()"></p>
    <hr class="body">
    <TABLE ID=tblMacro2 DATASRC=#dsoMacro5 OnRowEnter=Alert(tblMacro2.row)>
    <TD WIDTH="20%"><b>Number</b></TD>
    <TD WIDTH="60%"><b>Title</b></TD>
    <TD WIDTH="20%"><b>Book</b></TD>
    <TD WIDTH="20%"><SPAN DATAFLD=Number></SPAN></TD>
    <TD WIDTH="60%"><SPAN DATAFLD=Title></SPAN></TD>
    <TD WIDTH="20%"><SPAN DATAFLD=Book></SPAN></TD>

    The data file with tabs between fields.

    Number Title Book
    1 One A song
    2 Two A another song
    3 Three A yet another song
    4 Four Yes it's a song

    See for details on other data types.

    David Candy

    Thursday, September 1, 2016 12:08 AM