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  • I'm struggling to find documentation/instructions that aren't focused on Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012. I only need to worry about Windows 10. I have an existing traditional windows application that users will download and install. I then want that traditional windows application to silently download and install (sideload) a Windows 10 UWP app and run it OR silently trigger a download/install for the Windows 10 UWP app from the store. By "silently" I mean without further user interaction.

    For the sideloading scenario, I've been able to pull this off programmatically in a development environment by building the release package and signing it with my own key pair and then adding the certificate with the public key to my root store. Obviously that's not something that'd work in a live scenario. I was thinking that there might be a code signing certificate I can acquire from Symantec and/or DigiCert that would allow me to pull this off in a secure fashion (i.e. not adding to the root store).

    Putting aside the wisdom of having two apps (one traditional, one UWP), is either of the scenarios I've described possible? If so can one point me to documentation on how to do one of these on Windows 10?

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  • Thanks, But I don't think you've helped as I am not looking to do provision the UWP app via MDM. I am looking to accomplish what I asked about for a commercial app available to anyone, not LOB or private Provisioning. Perhaps the answer is that it can't be done, but MDM is not the answer I'm looking for.
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  • You can sideload on a Windows 10 device as long as two things are in place:

    1. The device is enabled for sideloading

    2. The certificate root used to sign the app is in the devices root certificate store

    Some of this is discussed as part of a channel 9 recording:

    John Vintzel Microsoft Corporation| Program Manager |twitter: jvintzel

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 3:47 AM