Sql based port Connector not connecting to Receive Shape RRS feed

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  • Why would Sql received port fail to connect to Receive Message shape

    I have a Receive port and receive shape created through the steps below..
    But the Receive port is not connecting to the Receive Shape.

    Any Ideas?

    Here are my steps

    1. Table A
    2. Select statement based (store procedure for sA)
    3. Generated  Sql  Schema; using Generated Items:  Orchestration   generated
    4. Create Ascii Schema
    5. Map Sql and Ascii Schema
    6. Create send message Pipeline for Ascii
    7. Uncomment Store procedure for -, XMLData   
    8. Created 2 Messages 1: SqlMessage => sql schema 2; AsciiMessage => Ascii Schema
    9. Add Receive Shape = message => SqlMessage
    10. Add Construct shape
    11. Add Transform shape inside construct shape = assign Map and messages
    12. Add Send Shape = AsciiMessage
    13. Create one way send port = connect to Send shape = Works great!!!!
    14. Create one way Receive  port based on existing port SQLServiceExec
    15. Try to connect Receive port to Receive Shape.. Failed:-)  No error.. Connector not connecting !!!
    Friday, April 4, 2008 8:35 AM


  • Just found the Error..

    in Step 8 above
    There is no need to create SqlMessage for the receive Shape; the message
    is generated auto.. as soon as one connect the port with the shape. :
    Friday, April 4, 2008 9:45 AM