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  • Could someone provide information on the differences on how games artificial intelligence works including tutorials on how you would use this within a game? 
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  • 0xC0000005 is an access violation -- The CPU tried to read an address that isn't mapped into any memory for your process.

    The address you tried to read was 0x00000018.  Which looks suspiciously like a small integer or a size of something, as opposed to an actual pointer to anything.

    The address of the offending instruction was 0x00452552.  That's in your main exe's code (all exe's are based at 0x00400000), and not in some DLL.  So it's your code that is broken, as opposed to you misusing some API in a DLL.

    Typical reasons for access violations are likely either that you read off the end of an array (accessed an array with a bad index) or used a deleted/or uninitialized object.  In this case, it's more likely a bogus index because in debug mode, deleted objects get overwritten with 0xCDCDCDCD and uninitialized memory gets initialized to 0xCCCCCCCC.  But you got 0x00000018.

    What to do:

    Basically just run your program in the debugger and look at the call stack to see what code you were executing when this access violation occurs.  Examine the contents of variables to see what was bogus.  Look for null pointers, bad indices, etc.

    (And in the future, please provide more information in your questions if you expect reasonable help.)

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  • Hi,

    Could you please provide more detailed information about your problem? What kind of application do you create?

    Or could you please provide possible error code here?  More detailed information will help us to find the real reason.

    I am looking forward to waiting for your feedback.



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