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  • The Kinect for Windows team has just published a small update to the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta.

    This SDK update addresses some functionality issues discussed on this forum, plus related doc fixes. Here are highlights for what you’ll find when you download and install the SDK Beta 1 Refresh:

    Driver: We fixed some stability issues, including problems that appear when a PC goes into sleep mode. Also, the infrared light on your Kinect device will now turn off when your app is closed, not just when you power off the computer.

    Runtime and Samples: We fixed several minor issues that people have complained about:

    ·         Support Runtime.Initialize after Runtime.Uninitialize without having to create a new Runtime.

    ·         Kinect header files build clean with warning level 4.

    ·         SkeletonFrame.FrameNumber and ImageFrame.FrameNumber no longer increment by 2.

    ·         PlayerIndex is available in DepthAndPlayerIndex scenarios, even if code is not accessing skeleton data.

    ·         SkeletonFrameReady will fire every time there is a depth frame available, removing and need to use a timer to work around a former deficiency.

    ·         Improved timestamping and frame numbers for ColorImage and DepthImage frames.

    ·         SkeletonFrame.FrameNumber now increments even if the depth stream hasn’t been opened.

    Also, the C# SkeletalViewer sample now lets you reach off the edge of the display.

    In this Beta refresh, we removed some non-functional APIs to help avoid confusion. These APIs (or similar ones) may be added in future releases, but are gone in this SDK refresh:

    SkeletonInitFlags enum

    Also, these properties are now read-only, rather than settable:


    Documentation: We took feedback from the forums to make many improvements. Download or view the revised docs on the Kinect for Windows SDK web site. You’ll find these changes in the Programming Guide and related sample walkthroughs for image data, cameras, and skeletal tracking:

    ·         Better info for these details:
    Vector4.w (C++) and Vector.W (managed)
    Ranges of X, Y, Z for skeletal space coordinates
    Color image data formats (RGB, YUV)
    Depth image space

    ·         Low-order 3 bits are Skeleton ID only if player tracking is on; otherwise, depth data is in low-order 12 bits.

    ·         Both Camera.ElevationAngle and NuiCameraElevationSetAngle include a warning about calling the API too frequently.

    For audio and speech, the revised docs include these clarifications:

    ·         When to use Microsoft.Speech versus System.Speech with Kinect SDK.

    ·         KinectAudioSource.SoundSourcePosition and KinectAudioSource.SoundSourcePositionConfidence are updated only when MicArrayMode is MicArraySingleBeam or MicArrayAdaptiveBeam.

    ·         Improved KinectAudioSource.Start info in the API reference.

    Some improved notes for programmers include:

    ·         A reminder that C++ applications need to include windows.h.

    ·         Projects can be compiled with w_char as a separate type.

    ·         Removal of SkeletonFrame.NormalToGravity from Programming Guide and of language documentation for J#, Jscript.Net, and C++ in the managed API Reference.

    You will also find some clarifications in the Kinect for Windows SDK FAQ.

    That’s it for what’s new in this update. We think this Beta refresh will help you overcome annoyances with minimal need for you to make changes in your applications.

    Tell us what you think after you download and begin working with the refreshed SDK. Each issue is probably best dealt with on its own Forum thread.

    -Kinect for Windows team, @KinectSDKTeam

    Update 08/04/2011 - Rob Relyea talked about some of these things on Channel 9 -
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  • I particularly appreciate turning off that laser. Perhaps it is my imagination, but it seems with that thing on my eyes get fatigued. It also removes some annoyance at having to unplug the second one when switching back to working with one to get rid of the interference from it's laser.
    Wednesday, August 3, 2011 3:59 PM
  • I read your post and am wondering where this 'Beta Refresh' you are talking about is. I clicked around on the MSFT Kinect Research page and did not find any download links for Beta Refresh.

    The updates look very useful and I'm using this on a project for school as well.


    /* all that is required is uninstall original, grab new, that is not mentioned as new from the msft research kinect link, and reinstall */

    /* Found it. Another point for my confusion is that on the msft research kinect page they updated the Version number but did not update the date */

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    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 2:51 AM
  • Is there any documentation of the API. I could not find anything besides the programming guide of SDK Beta 1.




    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 7:31 AM