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    Hello Dears,

    a live aspx website up and running and want to move it to another server with it's data base...

    I need a detailed steps how to move website files and the related database and how to configure web.config file on new server..

    Sunday, September 6, 2020 7:40 AM

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    To back up your MySQL database on the source server, use the mysqldump command.

    To restore your MySQL database on the target server, use the mysql command with the name of the dump file that you created.

    to backup iis site follow the below steps:

    1)In IIS Manager Right-click on your site. Selected Deploy and click on Export Application…


    2) In the Export Application Package, window click the Next button (do not change any settings).

    3)Click the Next button in the Select Parameters window (again, do not changing any settings).

    4)Click the Browse… button and select a directory on your local computer (this is where the backup .zip file containing your site’s web files will be placed on your local computer). Select a file name with today’s date for your reference. Now click the Save button.

    5)Click the Next button in the Save Package box and wait for your site to be saved locally on your computer. Now click the Finish button when you receive the notice “The package was created successfully.”

    after doing this move the backup file to another server.

    Import Application in the Deploy option in IIS Manager:

    1)Right click on your site in IIS Manager. Select Deploy and click Import Application.


    2)Click the Browse… button and select the .zip file located on your computer of the web site backup you moved. Then click Next.

    3)Do not change any settings in the Select The Contents of the Package box and click the Next button.

    4)On the next page Enter Application Package Information you will need to remove the text from the box so the backup is restored to the root. So you should only see:

    5)In the next box, Overwrite Existing Files, choose the option, “Yes, delete all extra files and folders on the destination that are not in the application package.” This will delete any extra files or folders that don’t exist in the backup .zip folder (we’re choosing this option because you want to restore the entire site as it existed on the date that you created the .zip files).

    If you don’t wish to delete the extra files then select the option: “No, just append the files in the application package to the destination.” Now click the Next button.

    IIS Manager will now restore your site files to the state they were in when you created the .zip file.

    it also contains a web.cofig file so you no need to separately configure it.

    Monday, September 7, 2020 9:11 AM
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    @Jalpa Panchal

    the new server is empty and dosen't contain a site to import the file in it, I need to create a new site on the destination server from zero, so how to do that and how to set application pool and conecct the site with the data base??

    also I have no idea how to configure web.cofig file, what should I change in it ??

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020 8:40 AM
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    You can import the application under the default site. the default site has the default application pool you can configure the user to that application pool to use the database.

    also I have no idea how to configure the web.cofig file, what should I change in it ??

    as I mentioned you no need to do any changes in the web.config file it is already available in your site back up.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020 9:25 AM