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    We have written a filter driver to track Hyper-V CSV volumes in order to track the modifications in those volumes for backup purpose. When the Hyper-V host is running, we are able to attach the CSV volumes from the driver without any issues. But during Hyper-V host startup, our driver failed to attach the csv volumes.

    We suspect that filter driver failed to attach CSV volume, since Cluster service was not started at that point of time during the system start up. If we attach the CSV volume later, it works. However, for the continuos tracking we want our driver to track the modifications from the system startup itself. I believe, we need to load the filter driver once after the csv service is started.  

    Configurations of filter driver are as following(inf file).

    DisplayName      = %ServiceName%
    Description      = %ServiceDescription%
    ServiceBinary    = %12%\%DriverName%.sys        ;%windir%\system32\drivers\
    Dependencies     = FltMgr
    ServiceType      = 2                            ;SERVICE_FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER
    StartType        = 2                            ;SERVICE_SYSTEM_START
    ErrorControl     = 1                            ;SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
    LoadOrderGroup   = "FSFilter Activity Monitor"

    AddReg           = Minispy.AddRegistry

    ;Instances specific information.
    DefaultInstance         = "Minispy - Top Instance"
    Instance1.Name          = "Minispy - Middle Instance"
    Instance1.Altitude      = "370000"
    Instance1.Flags         = 0x1          ; Suppress automatic attachments
    Instance2.Name          = "Minispy - Bottom Instance"
    Instance2.Altitude      = "361000"
    Instance2.Flags         = 0x1          ; Suppress automatic attachments
    Instance3.Name          = "Minispy - Top Instance"
    Instance3.Altitude      = "385100"

    Instance3.Flags         = 0x1          ; Suppress automatic attachment

    Can you please let us know how to fix this issue? Whether we need to change any configuration in inf file?

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    Thursday, April 9, 2015 2:39 PM