InfoPath XmlFormHostItem.NotifyHost not working


  • I have an infopath form with 2 views.

    One view is for the approvers and 1 view is for the requestor.

    Now, I do not want to use the OOB required field validation, instead I want to use the XmlFormHostItem.NotifyHost

    XmlFormHostItem.NotifyHost("Field is required");

    However, it only works for the approvers, but for the requestor, it doesnt work - it doesnt show the validations and it proceeds to the submitting of the form.

    Their only difference is that the approver has its own group and the requestor is added to the site as contributor.

    I already checked the permission and nothing seems to be wrong with it.

    ----------------------- Sharepoint Newbie

    Thursday, July 04, 2013 12:43 AM