Creating a Company Document Schema


  • How do I go about creating a custom Schema for either our company or for my application?

    I'm going through a Microsoft article called Create an XML document based on a custom Schema. In its opening paragraph, it says it will do the following:

    The procedures described in this article work best if your organization uses an XML Schema to define data structure. By attaching your Schema to a document, you can use Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create a well-formed XML document that consists of your custom XML as well as the formatting and properties that are provided by the Word XML Schema (WordprocessingML).

    I can not seem to find out what I need to do to create a custom Schema. A search pulls up lots of hits, but I don't see what I'm after.

    What should I know? Where is the information I'm really after?

    The documents created in my application will be almost exclusively used for Inhouse reports. All employees have Intranet access, but only few have access to the Internet (they can reach our server, but not Google). Would the Schema file need to be stored on one of our Servers or should it be included with the actual document? Is there anything I need to know about doing that, or do I just plop the file on any old file server?

    I am pretty new with this. I have yet to start climbing the steep learning curve.

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. I see several posts on here that use acronyms that I am not up to speed on. If you reply using acronyms, a little help with those acronyms would greatly be appreciated so I don't have to google every other word while reading responses.

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