Unable to register Billing SBE MMC RRS feed

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    I have installed BilingSBE and  verified the installation by browsing the WSDL. I am now trying to open the MMC and have provided the right URLs for the BillingSBE and Session Service.Also,have provided the policies ClientSidePolicyUsingUsernameToken.config and SessionPolicy.config respectively for the above two services.Now when it comes to the next screen where it prompts to enter user credentials, I have given the BillingSBE-Service credentials for the BillingSBE .This goes through fine. But when it prompts for the Session credentials , I have given the Session-Service credentials and the screen does not move to the next step. It stops at the same place ,indicating the credentials could be wrong.But this is the right credentials.I have even checked the Session-Service user id and pwd.It is fine, but BillingSBE MMC fails to recognize it as  valid credentials..

    Please help me out with this, as I understand that without the MMC, I cannot continue any further and use BillingSBE.


    Friday, July 27, 2007 9:58 AM



    when Billing MMC prompts you to download&save    the session policy, please make sure that the name you specify contains .config/xml extension. Also the the policy name you select also matters, policy name should be valid client side policy  . e.g SessionToolsPolicy.


    Thanks, Natraj

    Tuesday, July 31, 2007 11:35 PM