Inserting a 'Related List' on a Display Form when child list is 'Tasks' list -- does not filter child items when the 'View Style' is 'Default'... RRS feed

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  • This is fairly specific... but here is my situation

    I have a parent list with an InfoPath Display Form, and I have 3 lists with related items.

    The first two related lists are based on the 'Custom List' template and work fine when adding related items (and with passing filter values from the InfoPath form part manually)

    The third related list is based on the 'Tasks' list template and does not filter task items related to the parent unless you use a list view style other than 'Default.' Using the related list button from the ribbon, and setting up the connections manually does not work unless the view is changed as mentioned previously.

    I would like to use the default view for the Task list since it provides a check to complete functionality from the list view.

    I believe I've tested this thoroughly, and can't seem to find any straightforward way of using the default view. I realize there are a couple workarounds (such as creating custom xsl for the list view, or just using a different view style - as I'm doing now) but seems like everything else about this works fine.. might be an easy fix as long as someone knows about it....
    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 11:17 PM