Migrating a SQL 2005 database to a SQL 2008 database RRS feed

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  • I have been having an issue with migrating a website with a backend of sql 2005 database to a backend of a sql 2008 database. I've tried making using copy wizard, backup and restore and detach, copy reattach. The first symptom I receive is the user account(dbo) that the website accesses can't access the database. I reset the password and I start getting
    Exception Details: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Could not find stored procedure 'rsp_GetSetting'.

    but I can still point the website to the old sql server and have it work. This is a major hold up in my project.

    Friday, May 14, 2010 7:16 PM


  • Krynn,

    Please run update statistics and check if the user has correct permissions on the stored procedure.

    Also, check your copy database wizard settings.

    The Copy Database Wizard lets you move or copy databases and their objects easily from one server to another, with no server downtime. Using this wizard, you can do the following:

    • Pick a source and destination server.
    • Select databases to move or copy.
    • Specify the file location for the databases.
    • Create logins on the destination server.
    • Copy additional supporting objects, jobs, user-defined stored procedures, and error messages.
    • Schedule when to move or copy the databases.

    In addition to copying databases, you can copy associated metadata, for example, logins and objects from the master database that are required by a copied database.


    If you can give more details, I would be glad to help.




    Saturday, May 15, 2010 1:54 PM