Custom For-Each Sequence-like activity RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    We use WF in our system to provide users with the ability to construct their own flows with some specialised 'building-blocks' (aka activities) that we provide them.

    The task is to create a custom activity which behaves this way:

    • it's immediate content is like regular Sequence, i.e. can contain a collection of child-activities.
    • it has an input argument of type string-list. For simplicity say it is just a single long string of words separated with spaces.
    • the actual behaviour is to execute the children for-each word in the list. The current-word should be accessible to the children's in-argument using an implicitly declared variable called "CurrentItem".

    I hope this is clear in any way. If not, please ask and i'll try to explain better.

    Does anyone have any idea how can I accomplish this?
    I've tried few approaches but no success, every time it fails on some other restriction this FW posses.

    Thanks allot for any help!

    Friday, December 22, 2017 9:52 AM