Drawing Manager issue when creating a polygon and perform a panning (click and drag while drawing) - Bing Maps 8 RRS feed

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  • When you use Drawing Manager tool and create a polygon, if you pan in the map (by clicking and dragging), the editing mode stop and leave the edition in an unstable state, and an error is thrown in the browser console.

    You can reproduce this issue easily using the basic page provided  in Dev Center SDK for this tool:

    Also the issue is happening if you use the current official release, but not if you use the experimental branch.

    Uncaught Error: Invalid latitude
        at new n (8df9868e.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBegin*MapCore.en*MapCoreBegin*LabelOptions*LocalStorage…:1)
        at t._updatePixels (/rms/DTPlugin/cj,nj/76db6ff0/6d11ec81.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBe…awingTools*EditablePrimitive*DrawingToolsModule*DTPluginEnd*AnonymousEnd:1)
        at t.render (/rms/DTPlugin/cj,nj/76db6ff0/6d11ec81.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBe…awingTools*EditablePrimitive*DrawingToolsModule*DTPluginEnd*AnonymousEnd:1)
        at t._paint (/rms/DTPlugin/cj,nj/76db6ff0/6d11ec81.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBe…awingTools*EditablePrimitive*DrawingToolsModule*DTPluginEnd*AnonymousEnd:1)
        at _paintAction (/rms/DTPlugin/cj,nj/76db6ff0/6d11ec81.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBe…awingTools*EditablePrimitive*DrawingToolsModule*DTPluginEnd*AnonymousEnd:1)
        at r._tick (8df9868e.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBegin*MapCore.en*MapCoreBegin*LabelOptions*LocalStorage…:1)
        at 8df9868e.js?bu=rms+answers+MapsSDK+AnonymousBegin*MapCore.en*MapCoreBegin*LabelOptions*LocalStorage…:1

    Friday, March 31, 2017 7:03 PM


  • As you already noted this has been fixed in the experimental branch. All fixes and new features in the experimental branch are rolled into the main release branch once every month or two depending on the planned schedule. The next update will like be end of April beginning of may before the Microsoft build conference where we will showing the new features.

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    Friday, March 31, 2017 8:04 PM