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  • Things are looking worse for windows 8 every day on desktop as well as tablets. I am going to skip this release altogether and wait for windows 9. It  seems all the good things from WP7, iOS and OSX are not incorporated in this and _very_ bad choices are made by the team.

    Why is WP7 team not putting similar UI in Windows 8? The issues on desktop, laptop, mouse/keyboard are -

    1. Removal of traditional start menu and creating desktop as an App. This is bad for desktop and mouse/keyboard users.

    2. Bad full screen application implementation. See my comments on how OSX does it right.

    3. Finger friendly start screen not designed/efficient for mouse/keyboard/pen input.

    4. No mouse drag gestures but ugly scroll bars.

    The issues on tablet are:

    1. No panorama in the applications. Why did you remove the best feature of WP7 UI?

    Let us vote with our wallet and tell Microsoft it is screwing up just like it did with Vista.

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    Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:31 AM
  • @surya_g

    Can you post a link to the thread where you're commenting on 'How OSX does it right'.

    Having only just got a WP7 device I too am wondering why the W8 team have omitted the Panorama control


    Acer W500 tablet & dock, New 'works' Lenovo laptop Too much apple stuff. Remember: A Developer Preview is just that, a preview for developers - not everything will work 'just right' on day 1.
    Sunday, October 30, 2011 6:43 PM
  • @WindowVista567

    Looks like MS are putting all their eggs in a W8 shaped basket - I hope they have a 'Plan B'.

    Out of interest is the first 'developers' have heard of this or did they get advanced warning of deprecated APIs etc?

    Acer W500 tablet & dock, New 'works' Lenovo laptop Too much apple stuff. Remember: A Developer Preview is just that, a preview for developers - not everything will work 'just right' on day 1.
    Sunday, October 30, 2011 6:56 PM
  • @postPCera

    Microsoft is definitely becoming too dependent on Metro-style design. If you look around the various Microsoft websites, everything is acquiring a "Metro" look, and I consider that a bad thing. Actually, Metro isn't that bad on a website, but I can't stand it on my desktop PC. When I am write an extended essay supported with facts and evidence about why Metro is so bad, it's clearly not just a reaction to change. Desktop users need a mouse-first UI that completely ignores touch, and so far I haven't seen it yet. Apparently, Microsoft has no interest in letting users get the full Windows 8 experience while still turning Metro off.

    Sunday, October 30, 2011 7:11 PM
  • @postPCEra

    My comment comparing OSX with Windows 8 -



    I would compare few aspects of windows 8 with OSX Lion which has some of similar changes but how Apple again gets it right and Microsoft does not. This is from desktop/notebook perspective and not tablet.

    Start Menu, Dock and LaunchPad

    - OSX does not alienate its existing user as it retains the Doct and all the benefit it has but adds a LaunchPad to launch apps which only appears upon certain key stroke.

    - The dock still remains visible when LaunchPad is displayed.

    - The desktop is not an app but it is the computer.

    Full Screen Applications

    - OSX did the full screen apps designed right. It allows same application to run both in desktop and full screen mode. This provides all the benefits of full screen experience without jeopardising the non-full screen experience.

    - Again Windows messed up here by having full screen apps on desktop work same as for tablet with charms bar and other similar tablet constructs .

    So the two main features on desktop are much better on OSX. This tells me why Apple is a leader in usability while Microsoft lags behind.

    Here is what Microsoft should have done for Windows:


    - Each applications should be able to run in 3 (or fewer) modes: Desktop, Full Screen Desktop and Tablet.

    - In desktop mode, it should keep same consistent user interface as other desktop applications.

    - In full screen desktop mode, it should provide immersive experience with menu available on some key press or something.

    - For tablet device, the app should provide full screen experience with charms bar and all other finger friendly goodies ;)

    Start Menu:

    - Keep windows start menu

    - Use Aero peek for tiles (similar to gadgets)

    - Allow users to put gadgets with tiles on same screen or divide the peek button in two parts, one for desktop and one for tiles (or launchpad)

    - Allow searching/launching of all applications (both regular and metro) via traditional start menu or new tiles.

    - Always keep the task bar visible, in each screen until user goes full screen application mode.

    For tablet:

    The start menu can default to tiles screen and use that as the only experience and don't show the taskbar if user is running in tablet mode.

    This would improve and enhance desktop experience and provide clean tablet experience. It would provide choice to users who don't want to use tiles on desktop. This would make the OS have multiple personalities each designed for specific experience where underlying foundations being the same.

    It would also make it easy to develop one application for experinece across multiple set of devices.

    Please do something like this, please don't make us hate desktop.


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