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    VS 2010, VSTO AddIn, C#

    I have a MS Word VSTO Addin totally working except for one small and strange situation.  When installed on a Win XP, Office 2010 configuration, the ICONS for my ribbon controls are not appearing (but all my controls work just fine), and it appears that the "getImage" method is not being called to load the images thru the Office.IRibbonExtensibility interface.  There are no visible exceptions or other error messages.  I inserted debug statements in the getImage method, and they come out on the configurations below, but not on this configuration.  Do I need showImage in my XML, and if so, why does it work just fine in the other configurations?? 

    What is unique about Office 2010 on Win XP that might be causing this to occur.  I am at a loss so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    The ICONS do appear just fine for the following configurations with the exact same install package (using InstallShield):
        WIN XP,     Office 2007
        WIN 7,      Office 2010
        WIN 7,      Office 2007

    Sorry, I don't have Visual Studio loaded on Win XP, so my debugging capability is limited.


    This is an example of some of my ribbon controls XML used.

         <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <customUI xmlns="" onLoad="Ribbon_Load">

          <tab id="MyTab" label="My Label" keytip="K" visible="true" insertAfterMso="TabReviewWord">
            <group id="Changes" label="Edit">   

            <button id="btn1" getLabel="getLabel1" getImage="getImage" size="large" keytip="K" getEnabled="getNotExpired"
                   screentip="Do It" onAction="Onbtn1"
                   supertip="Super Do It"/>
              <splitButton id="splitbtnA" size="large" keytip="A" getEnabled="getNotExpired">
                <button id="btn2" label="Btn2" getImage="getImage"
                   screentip="Tip 2" onAction="Onbtn2"
                   supertip="Super Tip 2"/>
                <menu id="splitmenuA" supertip="Click arrow to access options.">
                  <button id="btnAR" label="Label &amp;Move" keytip="M" onAction="Onbtn2" getImage="getImage"
                          supertip="Super Tip 2 Again"/>
                  <button idMso="ReviewAcceptChange"
                          supertip="Accept suggestion and stay at current location"/>


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    The above thread answers this problem.  How come I can never find the answer prior to posting the question??

    Hope this helps someone else.


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