ADF-V2 Service Connection to iSeries v7.2


  • Hello All,   We are having trouble with connecting Service using the DB2 native store connection.  We have followed the documentation as it is laid out in the DB2 connector manual but we are getting various connection issues when testing the connector using the IR configuration testing tool.  

    I will say we have connected to the iSeries server with the ODBC connection but when ingesting data a bunch of white space is included for every field.  I hoping the native or OLE connection will help with resolving the issue.  More importantly,  I would prefer to use the native connection solution.  

    Has anyone heard or seen issues related to V2 connecting to iSeries V7.2?    Also,  any idea on what the out of the box connection utility ADF uses to connect to the iSeries.  I am wondering if we need to make changes on the iSeries to receive the connection.  Per the document...   This should just work.

    To use copy data from a DB2 database that is not publicly accessible, you need to set up a Self-hosted Integration Runtime. To learn about Self-hosted integration runtimes, see Self Host IR article. The Integration Runtime provides a built-in DB2 driver, therefore you don't need to manually install any driver when copying data from DB2.

    Thanks, Mike

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 4:31 AM

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  • Hi Mike,

    What are the connection issues you are seeing in the IR testing tool?  Could you share the logs?

    Wednesday, May 9, 2018 9:29 PM