Can Visual Studio 2015 produce object code for Windows XP Embedded?


  • ... and if it can,

        how does one configure it to do so?

        and what other libraries / API's / etc must be added to enable it to do so?

    If it can't, can it produce code that will run on Windows Embedded Standard?

        and what is the proper way to configure it?

        and what other bodies of code does that require?


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  • You ask the same question twice in the same forum. I am going to move this one to Visual Basic forum so those who are familiar with Visual Basic can answer.

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  • I don't think it matters whether or not VS2015 would support the Windows XP Embedded Toolkit because I'm not sure that you can even buy it anymore.  Its a grossly outdated technology and it wouldn't be a good idea to start any new development with it.  Its been a long time since I've used the toolkit, but I do remember that it wasn't cheap... I definitely cannot see spending a lot of money on outdated development tools even if you could find them.

    When you say "Windows Embedded Standard" I assume you mean Standard 7.  Again, this is outdated technology, though not as bad as XP Embedded.  Still, you may suffer from some limited functionality with modern hardware and you'd have limited support options.  Again, I believe you will need a specific toolkit for Visual Studio that you will have to purchase.

    You probably want to look at .Net Core and an IoT App, depending on what kind of hardware you are targeting.  That's really the biggest question at this point.

    If you are looking to leverage old hardware running those old embedded OSes, then you are probably going to have to be prepared to spend some money on the toolkits to do so.  And once you purchase them, you'll have all the instruction you need to get them up and running with a demo project (with the appropriate VS versions... like 05 and 08).

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  • Windows XP Embedded is no longer supported by Microsoft. As Reed indicated this is outdated software so if you're are still planning on using it I would stick with older versions of Visual Studio.

    BTW, there is a developer CE forum to which you can post. Below is a similar question from the forum:

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