Reading (Extracting) a TDMS file format using U-SQL


  • Hi,

    As explained here ( and here (, using TDMSReader Nuget package in a C# console application, I am able to read a TDMS binary file in my laptop. I am able to loop through it, extract the data and write it to a CSV file.

    I want to do the same using U-SQL. The TDMS file will be in a blob storage. I need to read the file and write it as a CSV file to a data lake.

    Since reading a file is like an extraction operation, I tried with a User Defined Extractor (UDE)...For an UDE, As per my understanding, inputs have to be row-by-row, but for the Nuget package function, input has to be a file. How to use UDE to input as a binary file and extract data from it? Can this be achieved with any other UDO (like Processor / Reducer)?

    Any suggestions please...

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    Wednesday, May 31, 2017 5:08 AM