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  • I work for a company that is looking to use Biztalk to do the following:

    take inbound 837 Professional and Institutional files and check that they are in a valid format - roughly 200 a day
    check certain values against our business rules
    make copy of file
    send back 997, possibly with some expanded explanation if there are errors
    Take data from file and push into roughly 8 SQL Server tables

    In reviewing Biztalk 2010 over the last couple of months, it appears that there may be several ways to approach this.  I am trying to not go off in a wrong direction, so I am looking for opinions/input on the high level approach to dealing with this.  Recently I have been reviewing the EDI Trade Partner/Agreement functionality of Biztalk and looks like I could do accomplish a great deal of what I want here.  I am starting to work thru the edi examples to get familiar with this, but any thoughts on this approach?

    Some immediate questions I had if I go the EDI/trade partner-agreement route:

    if I create an app in VS2010 with just the schema(s) I need, I think I can retrieve files, validate against XSD, and return 997.  How would I check to see if certain fields within document comply with our business rules: we may have a list of codes that we deal with that is a subset of the approved codes for diagnosis, for example. 

    Also, at what point do I take the xml data and push into sql server?  I believe I would use the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server and mapping for this, but would this then require an orchestration?  If so, how does the calling of the orchestration tie in with the automated processing of the trade agreement?

    Thanks for any and all help... Mike

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