Configuring Lego NXT ContactSensorArray service RRS feed

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  • I asked similar question here but haven't got an answer.

    1. How is it supposed to configure LegoNXTContactSensorArray service which has such structure:

    Root -* SensorConfiguration -* (RangeName, DeviceModel,DeviceName,SuccessRangeMin,SuccessRangeMax).

    What those values should be?

    2. Basically I can't launch RoboticsTutorial3 (wandering behaviour) becase RoboticsTutorial3 service should be notified from two sensor of same type (Touch sensors)? How to achieve such behaviour? I think someone should use ContactSensorArray service(see prev question).
    Also if it is correct then configuration manifest in RoboticsTutorial3 should be repaired because LEGO.NXT.TriBot.manifest.xml uses single TouchSensor instead of ContactSensorArray.

    Any ideas?

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:46 PM