Removal of Plugin on CRM 4.0


  • Hello. We have a customer with MS CRM 4.0 on prem. edition. The customer had added a 3rd party product to CRM which add's an additional TAB (not sure if TAB is the correct word, basically a section like Service, Settings) at the bottom. The link that it points to is a server no longer in production. we would like to remove this add-in from appearing. When I looked at the actual database for the link, I found information saying \\CP-fp\Alert v5.1.2.8 Upgrade Package\Optional Integration\Microsoft CRM 40 Integration\PluginRegistration.exe and then something about Plugin Registration Tool. I know that the old server was called "CP-FP" but like I said, it is no longer around. I have attempted to contact the manufacture of the old software but they are not responding to my requests. Is there a way to remove this from CRM or a tool that I can use to remove it? I have searched the internet quite a bit but have not found any answers on how to do this.  As a test, i migrated the database to a CRM 5.0 server to see if it would go away, but it is still there. I am still using CRM 4.0 at this point unless there is a better tool in 5.0 that can remove it.


    Lyle Epstein
    Kortek Solutions
    Thursday, April 28, 2011 3:19 AM


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