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  • Hi,

    I was in another life a developer with cruise control, extreme programing etc Today, I try to teach students C# like first language.

    Here my suggestions after my little tests with PFS Service.

    I think, this platform can help teachers to teach students the good practices before to learn to develop alone and before to work in team.
    In my mind, a student need to learn the rules immediately before to have to unlearn all the bad methods (in the company). If a student knows the good practices, he can work easier between them and the projects in the school will be more quickly and more interesting.

    I dream a service where I can :
    1 - import all my students in a group of TFS and alert them by a email .
    2 - build practical training with tasks, manual tests, unit tests (class and IHM also) and the parameters of the quality (fxcop,PartCover, etc... fail build when there are warnings) via a tool to generate a project template in XML.
    3 - give points for each terminated tasks (to give a notation).
    4 - import my practical training(xml) in TFS (service?) for a group and generate for each student a zone private to implement and test it alone the solution.
    5 - see the progress of tasks by student (to detect and to help the least strong)
    6 - stop the exercise and give the note automatically.

    For the moment, I can develop with the SDK :
    1 - limited to import students of SDK TFS
    2 - I can use the SDK to develop tasks and manual tests but not unit tests. Zero tools to do a template in XML.
    3 - Hmm... it would be cool !
    4 - I didn't see import/export XML in TFS service (there is not cloud without Interoperability ! Don't do this error ! else I would work with GIT). I didn't test the security and the problems of plagiarism (create may be a project by student or only a team by student?)
    5 - Hmm... it would be very cool !

    I hope it helps you in your service (and it's will be better to use this tool than a Multiple choice to pass a certificate Microsoft).
    If you develop it (or the half), call me ;)


    Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:19 PM

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