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  • Hello! We've posted a new challenge for you: http://www.phizzpop.com/main/ProblemStatementDetail.aspx?Value=U31PZEPHtwuagzkf15w1Xg%253d%253d

    This time it is for you to create a Silverlight + Live Services experience. Very fun!

    Here’s how to compete in the online PhizzPop Design Challenge!

    First of all if you have not done before, register to create a PhizzPop account by clicking the Sign In link on the top left of this page.

    1. Download the sample application - You will use this Silverlight project as a starting point.
    2. Download the Guide - this is a manual that will help you learn more about Silverlight, Live Services and how these two technologies work together.
    3. Create a solution for the current Online challenge. Use the provided sample, tweak it, chage the visual design, add more Live Services, extend the experience... Use the Guide as a reference and/or watch these videos we produced to help you learn more about Silverlight and Live Services. The videos are short and concise and will give you valuable tips & tricks for the Challenge. Read more about the Challenge objective >>
    4. Download the tools. If you do not yet have Microsoft Expression and other tools needed to compete in this Challenge check out this blog post which lists everything you need to install.
    5. Participate in the Community!, share your progress or send questions in this PhizzPop Community Forum.
    6. Submit your entry for the Online challenge - Once you are done with changing the visual design of the provided sample and/or extending it with additional services, send us your entry, from there it's all about being the best!


    Challenge 2 is due on January 20th. Good luck!


    Thursday, November 27, 2008 5:01 AM