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  • Hi all,

    We are migrating our SVN to GIT, Since we use TFS, we use GIT-TFS.

    The repository is set up, Now I need to clone it from a CentOS machine.

    This CentOS machine is not part of the Windows\TFS domain enviroment (it is not in the domain controller, its a lab, it has ping to the dc).

    How do i clone the repository ?

    When going to the machine, and trying to clone, i get authentication exception, what exactly do i need to configure ?

    [root@CentOS7X86-64 temp]# git clone https://tfs.myserver.com/DefaultCollection/_git/CoreUnix
    Cloning into 'CoreUnix'...
    Username for 'https://tfs.myserver.com': ischwarts@myserver.com
    Password for 'https://ischwarts@myserver.com@tfs.myserver.com':
    fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://tfs.myserver.com/DefaultCollection/_git/CoreUnix/'
    [root@CentOS7X86-64 temp]#

    Do I need to connect this machine to myserver.com Domain Controller ? Does it use kerberos for authentication ?


    Wednesday, October 18, 2017 12:53 PM