documentsLibrary and Metro SandBoxing RRS feed

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  • I made a peculiar observation on the documentsLibrary capability today. I am not sure if I am not getting it right or the build of Win8 has a bug.

    It looks like the documents managed by Metro apps are being stored in the standard User' documents folder. For e.g. for user 'skarkhanis' the documents are in 'c:\users\skarkhanis\documents'. This means all Metro apps installed in 'skarkhanis' account are sharing the same documents folder. Doesn't this conflict with the goal of sandboxing the Metro apps? 

    What is worse is that Win32 apps (running in logged in user' account) will have access to the same folder and malicious Win32 code can potentially cause problems to Metro apps?


    Friday, October 21, 2011 3:47 AM