Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise x64 using WoW64 (Enable 32-bit Applications - App Pool) - Memory Limitations RRS feed

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  • I've researched all over the web but could not find an answer so I decided to post a question in regards to Memory Limitation in IIS Application Pools for those set with the "Enable 32-bit Applications."

    32-bit has a 1.8GB Limitation on the Application pool with the use of /3GB.  Since our Application is getting to the point of using a lot more memory we are forced to go wider on our web server load balanced pool.  Were currently running 12 web servers behind a BIGIP F5 Load balancer due to the sheer amount of memory our applications use.  Otherwise we get Out of Memory Exceptions. 

    To combat this we are in the phase of migrating to server 2008R2 enterprise x64 to utilize the 64-bit memory limitations.  We have 1 3rd party application that only runs on 32-bit so we are forced to set the application pool to "Enable 32-bit Applications."  My question is, if we set this would our entire application pool use WoW64 32-bit mode and thus have the 32-bit memory limitations or will we still be able to use the limitations of 64-bit?  I may be asking incorrectly but I hope you get what I'm trying to ask.  We need to use the 64-bit memory limitations to better handle our application but are forced to use WoW64...

    Please let me know your thoughts. 

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:34 PM